The London-based brand is under the creative direction of Arlette Ess, a visual artist creating intricate drawings with a touch of the mysterious.

She shares her taste for wonder and her love for the natural world in all its manifested forms. Particularly paying attention to organic textures and their intrinsic patterns, she hand-draws every artwork to the last detail before adapting it for fashion or interiors. The content and subject matter draws from our collective cultural history, a part of our identity we share through image and myth. A passion for the exceptional, love for detail and perfectionist attitude to quality are apparent throughout the collections and product ranges.

The result is a steadily growing number of mesmerisingly intricate designs which often simultaneously embody a kind of minimalism, creating a fusion between opulence and simplicity. The business embraces a ‘buy less, buy better’ ethos, respecting resources and people. All products are manufactured in Italy or the UK using the best possible materials and processes, aiming for timelessness and substance in all aspects. The fashion line embodies the ‘slow fashion’ concept, creating timeless collectable pieces, playing with variety every season.

All items available on the shop page ship to customers worldwide, with full returns guarantee.

Special commission work includes interiors, fashion, and brand related projects. This can be bespoke exclusive pieces, or existing artwork customized for specific applications.

'My ideas usually come in the form of random obsessions'

Arlette has a degree from University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts (BA Hons Graphics) and has exhibited in various group shows and galleries in Europe (London, Paris, Berlin, Dresden, Lisbon, Kortrjik) and the far east (Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou). Originally from Switzerland, she has a previous background in fashion, having worked internationally as a model for many years. After a stint of print design at Alexander McQueen, Arlette decided to start her own label whilst continuing to work on commissions, collaborations and personal projects.


‘My creative ideas usually come in the form of random obsessions. I lose myself in the study of shapes and patterns in nature, fascinated by their precious fragility and ephemeral beauty. They reveal something of the mysterious essence which generates and pervades all physical forms.

I’m equally fascinated by how we are compulsively attaching meaning to everything around us, and how these myths, theories, superstitions and beliefs shape our relationship to the world and to ourselves.

On a personal level the intense immersion in the natural world and the conscious study of its intricate detail makes me feel connected to all living things, and at home in this world.’